Forthcoming Headquarters Events & Seminars
Click on an entry to go to the page giving full details of the event or seminar. Unless stated, events are held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Telford.
level 2 Tai Chi Instructor Course - 2020
19th Sep - 21st Nov 2021
with Master Tary
The Level 2 Tai Chi instuctor course is designed as a CPD (continuous professional development) for Level 1 instructors. It covers more advanced Tai Chi forms, theories and principles. Instructors taking this course will learn in more depth about the inner essence of Tai Chi philosophy and some of the important techniques Tai Chi has in both health and self-defence.
Holiday Chinese - Speak Away for a Fun Vacation
6th Sep - 22nd Nov 2021
with Ms Ding
Communicating with shopkeepers, local people is difficult during your holiday? this is a great opportunity to learn Chinese phrases and communication skills you could use during your holiday in Chinese-speaking countries and areas such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia...and more!
Weekly Classes by Masters Tary & Faye 2021-22
7th Sep - 21st Jul 2022
with Masters Tary & Faye
Following the success of the evening classes taught by Masters Faye & Tary, the Deyin Institute is pleased to announce Wednesday and Thursday evening classes are continuing from 7th Sept. Classes include Yang Style 88 step, Sun Style 98 Step, Qigong & Meditation and 42 Step Combined Taijiquan. also great morning Energy and Spirit practices.
Chinese Brush Painting Classes - September
7th Sep - 23rd Nov 2021
with Mr Li
This amazing course will take you through 5 thousand years of Chinese arts history. Chinese Brush Painting is done by many around the world to relieve stress, relax your body and mind to lift your spirit and improve your mental wellbeing.
Chinese Wushu (Kung Fu) Class for Children & Adults
7th Sep - 14th Dec 2021
with Cleber Souza
Emei Stretching Qigong
17th Sep - 26th Nov 2021
with Yu Fei Xia
Deyin Level 1 Instructor CPD and Biennial Revalidation
6th - 7th November 2021
with Master Tary
Unique opportunity for Deyin Level 1 instructor to refresh their practice and complete their biennial continuous professional development and revalidation. Instructors not due for revalidation are also welcome to take advantage of this weekend CPD camp to update their practice.
Emergency First Aid at work
13th November 2021
with Certified First Aid Trainer
It is absolutely vital for all Deyin and BHQA instructors to have first aid knowledge and a certificate that could help instructors manage all unforeseen situations during classes or seminars. This is a unique opportunity to acquire or update your Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate 
2021 Tai Chi Instructor Course - Level 2 M4
20th - 21st November 2021
with Master Tary
This weekend is module 4
Sun Style Tai Chi 13 Step Instructor Module Course
27th - 28th November 2021
with Master Tary
This is an instructor module designed to offer Deyin Instructors a good understanding of Sun Style Tai Chi using the 13-step form as a platform. Also a good opportunity for certified instructors to update & Revalidate on the form. ★ Bonus Training - 13 Step Guide the body into suppleness (Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong series) → Deyin Instructors will be certified to teach these two lovely routines upon passing the assessment satisfactorily. 
Xi Yang Mei Kungfu Fan Refresher weekend
4th - 5th December 2021
with Master Faye
The 2nd routine ws designed to offer a exciting variety of movements and techniques drawn from various type of Tai Chi and Kung Fu system, This Course is a refresher couuse for enthusists who have learned the Xiyangmei Fan for to refresher and improve on their practice.
Traditional Sun Style - Long Form P1
11th - 12th December 2021
with Master Tary Yip
Sun Style Tai Chi is one of the 5 major Tai Chi systems created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, who combined the inner essence of three major styles of internal martial arts namely Xing Yi, Tai Chi Bagua to form this unique system of Tai Chi.
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