Forthcoming Headquarters Events & Seminars
Click on an entry to go to the page giving full details of the event or seminar. Unless stated, events are held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Telford.
Weekly Classes by Masters Tary & Faye 2021-22
7th Sep - 21st Jul 2022
with Masters Tary & Faye
Following the success of the evening classes taught by Masters Faye & Tary, the Deyin Institute is pleased to announce Wednesday and Thursday evening classes are continuing from 7th Sept. Classes include Yang Style 88 step, Sun Style 98 Step, Qigong & Meditation and 42 Step Combined Taijiquan. also great morning Energy and Spirit practices.
Putting Spring into your Steps Qigong & Meditation
10th Nov - 30th Mar 2022
with Master Faye
Traditional Sun Style - Long Form P1
11th Dec - 10th Apr 2022
with Master Tary Yip
Sun Style Tai Chi is one of the 5 major Tai Chi systems created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, who combined the inner essence of three major styles of internal martial arts namely Xing Yi, Tai Chi Bagua to form this unique system of Tai Chi.
New Year Mandarin Course for Holiday Fun
3rd Jan - 4th Apr 2022
with Ms Ding
Communicating with shopkeepers, local people is difficult during your holiday? this is a great opportunity to learn Chinese phrases and communication skills you could use during your holiday in Chinese-speaking countries and areas such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia...and more!
Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy Classes 2022
4th Jan - 5th Apr 2022
with Mr Li Hui Sen
Chinese Brush Painting is done by many around the world to relieve stress, relax your body and mind to lift your spirit and improve your mental wellbeing. It is fun, educational, and guarantees to enhance your understanding of Chinese Arts from a different angle.
Chinese Made Easy for Young Beginners
10th Jan - 4th Apr 2022
with Lucy Ding
In today’s world, Chinese is one of the hottest languages to learn. However, most people incorrectly assume that it’s a hard language to learn. It just isn’t true! If done right, Chinese can be one of the easiest languages to learn. And once they do learn it — they opportunities and benefits are endless!
Chinese Wushu (Kung Fu) Class for Children & Adults
15th Jan - 9th Apr 2022
with Master Cleber Souza
Year Of The Tiger Tai Chi Wellbeing & Zoom Celebration Party
29th January 2022
with Master Tary & Faye
This Festival promises to continue this success by offering both our members and other Tai Chi & health enthusiasts more unique ways of improving our physical and mental wellbeing.
10 Step Tai Chi for Health and Vitality
30th January 2022
with Master Faye
This workshop is designed to give enthusiasts a better understanding of the 10 step form and how it should be practised to achieve maximum benefits.
Xing Yi Zhuang Gong / Xing Yi 5 Element Fists
5th - 6th March 2022
with Master Tary
Xing Yi Standing Pole for maintaining health and wellness. Every movement is designed to stimulate energy flow and enhance the functions of specific Qi meridians and major organs in the body. Xing Yi Quan is fantastic for developing physical & internal strength, also boost the energy level in the body and improving health.
World Tai Chi Day Celebration - Qi & Spirit Festival
30th Apr - 1st May 2022
with Various Teachers
The Qi and Spirit Festival is a special celebration of the World Tai Chi Day event, continues with the success of previous festivals offering both our members and other Tai Chi & health enthusiasts more unique ways of improving our physical and mental wellbeing. The festivals will consist of short sessions and talks, conducted by highly qualified instructors and experts, which will help give participants some insight into Health techniques for Vitality, Spiritual attainment as well as general wellbeing. 
Tai Chi Sword - Yang Style 16 Step
1st May 2022
with Master Tary
This is a great opportunity for Tai Chi enthusiasts to explore the Characteristics, Principles and Inner Essence of one of the most practised Tai Chi Sword Routines. This workshop can also be used as an instructor CPD and revalidation for Deyin Instructors who have been qualified on the 16 sword routine.
Sun Style Tai Chi Sword - Duo Practice (Two-man form)
4th - 5th June 2022
with Master Tary
In this weekend seminar, we will introduce the two-man practice element of the routine, enthusiasts will learn to practise the form with a partner and at the same time get some insight into the martial application and characteristics of Chinese straight sword practice.  This course is also designed to offer sword enthusiasts some insight into two-man sword practice. whether it is for improvement of one's practice or consolidating one's standard in practice or teaching.
Deyin Summer Residential Retreat 2022
11th - 14th August 2022
with Masters Tary, Faye and Senior Deyin instructors
Riding on the success of the 2021 camp, we are organising a unique residential retreat "Deyin Summer Residential Retreat 2022". This retreat is jam-packed with exciting Tai Chi and Qigong exercises as well as mindfulness meditations designed to invigorate the mind, energise the body and release the inner potential of the spirit. This summer camp is in supported by BHQA
13th Deyin Tai Chi Instructor Course - Level 1 2022/23
3rd Sep - 26th Feb 2023
with Master Tary
This is a hybrid course with a mixture of online and onsite training. In-depth teaching and detailed learning make it a unique Tai Chi teacher training course. A great opportunity for enthusiasts to realise their dreams and ambitions of becoming fully qualified Tai Chi & Qigong instructors
32 Step Tai Chi Sword & Sun 38 Step Tai Chi Weekend
10th - 11th September 2022
with Masters Tary and/ or Faye
Level 2 Instructor course 2022/23
24th Sep - 26th Feb 2023
with Master Tary
The Level 2 Tai Chi instructor course is designed as a CPD (continuous professional development) for Level 1 instructors. It covers more advanced Tai Chi forms, theories and principles.
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