Deyin Tai Chi & Qigong Summer Camp 2019

Options of training:

  • 8 Treasures Health Qigong (Sat Morning Practice)
  • Xing Yi Standing Pole Qigong (Sun Morning Practice)
  • Wudang Tai Chi Sword (2 days)
  • Tai Chi Applications with two man practice (Sunday)
  • The internal essence of Tai Chi with 16 Step Tai Ji Quan (Sat AM)
  • Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa Health Qigong (Sat PM) taught by the Renown Health Qigong Professor from China

For ten years the Deyin Tai Chi & Qigong Summer Camp was a place, where enthusiasts received some of the best learning experience and in-depth tuition from world class masters on Tai Chi, Qigong, Push Hand and Internal arts. We had a break of 2 years (for the Tai Chi interfest), and this year we are pleased to return and re-present the camp with more exciting Tai Chi and Qigong training.

The trainings covered include some of the unique aspects and inner essence of Internal arts, and through this amasing training camp enthusiasts will be able to enhance their practice, their understanding of the arts and ultimately imporve their health. 

Even more exciting, We have the pleasure of a delegation of China's most respected Health Qigong experts visiting our camp and will conduct workshop on Daoyin Yang sheng Gong 12 Fa Health Qigong. An excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to learn or improve their practice with the best and gain maximum health benefits Health Qigong Offers.

Morning training will be conduct by Deyin Senior instructors, Participants can training with high standard teacher witha touch of difference. The full day teaching will be conducted by Masters Tary & Faye, two of Europe's highly respected teahers, direct lineage bearers to Sun and Tang Style Tai Chi, Wudang Sword and Daoyin Yang Sehng gong 12 Fa.

Some of the routines are programmed into our China International Tai Chi & Qigong Summer exchange and tournament in August 2019. It aims to help prepare participants, who are intending to join us to get a step ahead and reap the maximum benefits of the amasing trip offers. 

This summer camp is catered for enthusiasts of all levels and all ages, hence all Tai Chi, Qigong & Internal Arts enthusiasts are welcome.


Good news: If you have signed up for the China trip in August and choose the £150 member / £100 non member seminar voucher option, you could use the voucher and attend this camp for free and possibly with some credits to spare!


Saturday 29th June

9am – 9.45am

Morning Practice - 8 Treasures Health Qigong (open to all)

10am – 4.00pm

(Option 1) full day

Wudang Tai Chi sword (Part 1)

(Option 2)

10am – 12.30pm Internal Essence of Tai Chi with 16 Step Hand form

1.30pm – 16.00pm Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa

Sunday 30th June

9am – 9.45am

Morning Practice – Xing Yi Standing Pole Qigong (open to all)

10am – 4.00pm

(Option 1) full day

Wudang Tai Chi sword (Part 2)

(Option 2)

Tai Chi Applications through two man practice form


Early Booking: (before 31/03/19)

  • One Day - Member £60.00 / Non Member £75.00
  • Weekend - Member £110.00 / Non Member £130.00 

Standard Booking: (after 31/03/19)

  • One Day - Member £70.00 / Non Member £85.00
  • Weekend - Member £125.00 / Non Member £150.00 

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Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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