Basic Push Hands & 24 Step Applications

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd June 2018
10am to 4pm

Basic Push Hands + 24 Step Applications
with Master Tary Yip

Master Tary, Fred, Pushing HandsThis weekend is the third module of the Level 2 Instructor Course, which is designed for aspiring Level 1 instructors. However any Deyin member with some 24 step experience who wishes to attend this module (or any other of the Level 2 modules) in order to improve their skills and understanding is most welcome.

In this module, participants will learn the basics of Pushing Hands and many of the Applications of moves in the 24 form. Understanding the applications improves and refines your performance of 24 Step Taijiquan

If you are not a member and have a strong desire to attend this module, membership is only £20 per year. Find out more on our membership page

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