Sun Style Tai Chi sword (Compact form)

As well as face to face training, participants have the option to take part via Zoom live meeting, therefore suitable for enthusiasts outside the UK or not able to attend in person. There will be recording on the weekend teaching and the link to the recording will be provided to participants for future practice.

Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi is one of the 5 major Tai Chi systems created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, who combined the inner essence of three major styles of internal martial arts namely Xing Yi, Tai Chi Bagua to form this unique system of Tai Chi.

Sun style Tai Ji Sword was created based on traditional Xing Yi San Cai (three scholars) sword, this routine can be practised as a solo form and two-person fighting form. It gives practitioners a unique insight to sword technique and how it can be used in combat.

We will focus primarily on the solo practice, however, if time allows, we will have a little go on two people practice to get a taste of the use of techniques in the form.

This course is designed to offer Sun Style enthusiasts an insight into this unique style of Tai Chi. whether it is for improvement of one's practice or consolidate one's standard in teaching, this seminar will give participants a better understanding of Sun style Tai Chi both in form and in Essence.

Enthusiasts of other Tai Chi disciplines are also welcome to attend as this seminar will offer an insight to Tai Chi system as a whole and will help enthusiasts to understand more about their own discipline from a different angle.

Master Tary is the 4th Generation direct lineage from the creator Sun Lu Tang. and master Yip is one of the highest authority on Traditional Suns style Tai Ji Quan in the UK and Europe. This is definitely a rare opportunity to train with one of the best Sun Style Tai Chi masters outside China.

Deyin member - £120.00
non-member - £135.00

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Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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