Tai Chi Instructor Training - Level 1  (foundation level)

Instructor Training 2018


This Course is now Fully Subscribed

We are pleased to offer Tai Chi enthusiasts another opportunity to train with Master Tary Yip, one of the UK and Europe's most regarded Tai Chi Masters, under one of the most respected Tai Chi organisations in the UK and Europe. 

Tai Chi has become one of the most popular health exercises in the world because of its unique principles and characteristics. Gentle and graceful movements suitable for people of all ages, and all level of physical fitness. Whether it's for self-defence, health and fitness, relaxation and stress management, there is always something to be found in Tai Chi that can be of benefit for everyone.

The Deyin Taijiquan Institute is organising the 2018 instructor course to train and qualify more high quality instructors as part of our ongoing effort to promote the great benefits of Tai chi to a wider public. Upon successful completion of the training, and a satisfactory final assessment, participants will become a qualified Deyin Tai Chi instructor. As such they will be under the wings of a highly reputable Tai Chi institute, and have access to the full support network of experienced Deyin Instructors throughout the UK and Europe.

With the in-depth teaching and detailed learning being offered, this is a unique Tai Chi teacher training course, the like of which is available from only a limited number of organisations in Europe.

Our Aim:

To allow as many people as possible to experience the enjoyment and the health benefits of Tai Chi. The Deyin Taijiquan Institute has designed the instructor course to train enthusiasts who would like to become qualified Deyin Instructors. Also to provide opportunities for people to learn in depth the inner essence of Tai Chi, and then to teach in such a way that practitioners will gain the maximum benefits of this great art.

Who is it for?

Tai Chi Instructors or enthusiasts with a minimum of two years experience of regular Tai Chi & Qigong Practice, confident and passionate about passing this greatly beneficial exercise on to people of all ages and all walks of life.

This course is based on Yang Style Tai Chi, and knowledge of the routines covered in the course will be an advantage, but is not essential. Therefore practitioners of other styles with a good training background should have no problems learning and becoming qualified.

In order to make the course a success, we recommend participants to take part in classes (or pre-course training) with our local instructors to become familiarised with the routines before the modules. Just email us for details of instructors and classes in or near your area.

Current Deyin Instructors are also encouraged to attend any of the individual training modules, to improve your performance and understanding of our core styles. There will also be a form revalidation opportunity. There are extra special prices for our current instructors (see below). Booking for current instructors is now also done from this page (Registration Form button at the bottom).

Course Content:

The course consists of 5 modules over 5 weekends (one Long weekend). In addition we would like all participants to receive training from one of our currently qualified instructors (3hrs min. recommended), either by attending their classes or by arranging personal instruction. If this is difficult for you to sort out, please contact us, we will be pleased to advise.

Training Hours

Module 1 - History, Principles & Benefits, Warm ups, 8 Treasures and 8 Step Yang style Taijiquan form

  • 10th / 11th Nov 2018 - 10am

Module 2  - 16 Step Sword and basic techniques and principles of sword practice.

  • 16th / 17th Feb 2019 - 10am

Module 3 - (Long Weekend) - 24 Step Taijiquan form, Benefits and essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong.

  • 4th / 5th May 2019 - 10am
  • 6th May 2019 - 10am

Module 4 - 16 Step Yang Taijiquan form,

  • 14th / 15th Sept 2019 - 10am

Module 5 - 10 Tai Chi principles, Teaching Skills and adaptation for groups of various ability and requirement. End of course assessment on forms and teaching.

  • 9th / 10th Nov 2019 - 10am

What will particpants learn:

  • Step by step detailed instruction and exploration of each and every movement
  • Principles of Tai Chi
  • Martial Applications
  • Benefits and welbeing
  • How to teach various groups with various needs
  • Health and safety - how to teach effectively and safely
  • Benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, also things to be aware of when teaching.

Participants must complete 5 modules of training. As long as you prepare well, and practice regularly, almost all candidates can become our new Deyin Qualified Level 1 Instructor.

Please note that you may have learned the forms in your class, but this course will be conducted in much more detail which would not necessarily be taught in a typical class.

What do participants get: Upon completion of the course and passing assessments satisfactorily,
  • "Level 1 Instructor Certificate" - A prestigious certificate widely recognised and acknowledged in the Tai Chi community. 
  • Continuous technical and professional support, as well as ongoing improvement opportunities from the Deyin Institute, one of the most respected Tai Chi & Qigong Institutions in the UK and Europe.

Please note that participants can fail as well as pass in the course, subject to the outcome of the technical and teaching asessment. however with hard work and perserverance, particpants should not have problems in passing the course satisfactorily.

P.S. Bi-annial revalidation for the forms are required in order to help all our instructors to maintain and raise their practice and teaching standard, the revalidation will be through the format of workshops and seminars with end of session simple form assessement.

Course Fees:
Please note fees below include a non-refundable booking fee (£100).

Standard Booking (after 31st May 2018) 

  • Non Members - £975.00
  • Deyin members - £895.00

Late Booking (after 31st September 2018) 

  • Non Members - £1095.00
  • Deyin members - £995.00

Module Fees (for Current Instructors only):

  • 1 Module - £100
  • 2 Modules - £180
  • 3 Modules - £250
  • 4 Modules - £300


Trainee Instructors can pay the fees in Full with booking form, or by 2 instalments (£400.00 deposit with booking form, balance required by 30th September 2018). 

The fees will include Tuition, Training materials or DVDs, notes etc. assessment fees, Instructor polo shirt and Instructor certificate.

p.s Instructor polo shirt and instructor certificate are only given when the participant passes the final assessment satisfactorily.

Note: Deposit payment is non-refundable after 31st May 2018

Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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