Wudang Taiji Sword introductory weekend


Dates: 7th - 8th August 2021
Time: 10am - 4pm (UK time)

Wudang Taiji Sword is a beautiful sword routine developed by Grand Master Li Tian Ji, Master Faye's great uncle, based on the principles and characteristics of traditional Wudang Sword and Taiji Sword.

Wudang Sword was passed down by one of China's most renowned Wudang sword grandmaster Li Jin Lin, who was regarded as the Saint of sword for his incredible expertise on Wudang sword practice. Master Faye's great grandfather Li Yu Lin learned the form from Li Jin Ling and his teacher, thus acquired the highest standard of Wudang sword. Master Faye & Tary are the direct lineage bearer of Wudang sword. 

Wudang Taiji Sword is a routine that combined the agility, unpredictability of Wudang sword and the gracefulness, inner essence of Taiji sword. Practitioners can gain a perfect insight into the unique characteristics and charisma of both Wudang and Taiji swords. 

This is an introductory seminar for enthusiasts of all disciplines and all levels; it is also a good refresher opportunity for participants who took part in the Wudang sword in our 2019 Deyin summer camp.

This weekend seminar willl be held on site at our headquarters in Telford UK. Online Zoom live training is also available for those who could not get to telford. even better, there will be recordings of the seminar available (minimum for 6 month) for participants to refresh after the weekend. 


Deyin / BHQA members; £130.00
Non Members: £145.00

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Venue: Unit E4 Stafford Park 15
Email: tary@deyin-taiji.com
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