Forthcoming Headquarters Events & Seminars
Click on an entry to go to the page giving full details of the event or seminar. Unless stated, events are held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Telford.
12th Annual National Health Qigong Instructor Course 2020
23rd May - 30th Nov 2020
with Masters Tary, Faye and Professor from China
12th UK National Health Qigong Instructor course endorsed by the International Health Qigong Federation.
The Only Professional Health Qigong® course with Standard and integrity in the UK. Suitable for Non UK participants too!
Wednesday & Thursday Weekly Classes
2nd Sep - 21st Jul 2021
with Masters Tary & Faye
These classes will cover Qigong, Meditation, Yang & Sun Style Tai Chi consist, Taiji Kung Fu Fan, Sun 38 Step, HQ Ma Wang Dui & 16 Step Tai Chi
Enchanting Tai Chi & Qigong China Retreat 2020
15th Oct - 1st Nov 2020
with Cheng Du, Mt. Wudang, Shaolin Temple & shanghai
we will visit beautiful religious places, see the endangered Giant Pandas, visit the scard Wudang Mountain and Song Mountain to be inspired by the pure Aura and cosmos Qi surrounding these two mountains. In-depth Wudang Mind & Body Tai Chi and Qigong training at a retreat centre or hotel at the bottom of Wudang mountain followed by 2 days of spiritual pilgrimage.
Tui Na - Push and Grab
10th January 2021
with Master Sam Ma
Chinese massage therapy (Tui Na, push and grab 推拿) has been practiced for over two thousand years, originating in the Shang Dynasty, around 1700 B.C. This massage therapy is a form of acupressure massage. Enthusiasts will how to self message for health.
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