Forthcoming Headquarters Events & Seminars
Click on an entry to go to the page giving full details of the event or seminar. Unless stated, events are held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Telford.
Tai Chi Qigong Cultural China Tour Oct 2019
13th - 30th October 2019
with Daolu
Amazing trip to some of the most breath taking places in China, beautiful mountains, Terracotta warriors, a fascinating city live and quite sacred mountain retreat. Cheng Du / Xi’an / Mt. Wudang / Zhang Jia Jie National Forest Park / Beijing CHINA
A celebration of the life of a dear Tai Chi friend John Smith
30th November 2019
The day is to be an opportunity for family and friends to remember John in some way and to share their memories. He has left a huge hole in all our lives but he also enriched us in so many ways. There will be a buffet and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic,
Health Qigong Refresher and Re validation Workshops
11th - 12th January 2020
with Masters Faye & Tary
Continuous professional development for instructors with re-validation opportunties. Also good refresher for enthusiasts - Ba Duan Jin, Ma Wang Dui and Daoyin 12. Instructors and enthusiasts are welcome.
Health Qigong Refresher Workshop
and Pre-Instructor Course Study 2020
8th - 9th February 2020
with Masters Tary & Faye
This is a great opportunity for Health Qigong enthusiasts to refresh and improve their practice and gain further in-depth understanding of Health Qigong system and it's tremendous benefits. It is also a good pre-course study for Participants of Instructor course 2020.
Tai Chi & Ethnic Culture Indulgence China 2020
5th - 22nd April 2020
Incredible trip, covers some of the most breath-taking places and mind blowing and soul lifting ethnic culture rarely seen by foreigners in China, beautiful mountains, heart touch culture of ethnic Miao and Tong, enlightening sacred temples,exciting Tai Chi and Qigong exchanges with enthusiasts in China and Univerisity students.
Spring Bootcamp
18th April 2020
with Deyin/BHQA Senior Teachers
This boot camp promises to continue it's success of previous years and consists of numerous exciting exercises and principles of Tai Chi and Qigong. This boot camp is being taught by highly experienced teachers and masters.
12th Annual National Health Qigong Instructor Course 2020
23rd - 30th May 2020
with Masters Tary, Faye and Professor from China
12th UK National Health Qigong Instructor course endorsed by the International Health Qigong Federation.
The Only Professional Health Qigong® course with Standard and integrity in the UK. Suitable for Non UK participants too!
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