Health Qigong Instructor Course 2019 - Fees


Course fees include:
  • Welcome Dinner on the first day;
  • Training Polo shirt (one per person)
  • Book; Instructional DVD; Music CD;
  • Additional Teaching Handouts;
  • Small Group Tuition;
  • Assessment fee;
  • Certification fee;
  • Instructor T-shirt (upon successful completion);
  • Refreshments.
  • Instructor Membership (£40) Free until next March 2019

Fees and Discounts

Late Booking (after 31st March 2019)

  • £650.00 one option;
  • £995.00 both options

Instructor Health Qigong Forms Revisit
Instructors wish to sign up to revisit Health Qigong forms previously qualified are entitled to a massive discount on the course fee (which includes revalidation fees of £65).

One Option revisited - £320.00
Both Options revisited - £495.00
One revisit plus one new - £875

Please note that the button below are for booking instructor revisit courses, should instructor wish to book a new set as well, you need to book separately between the new and revisited form. click

In order to qualify for the ealry booking fees or discounts; a deposit of £250.00 is required at time of booking to secure your place on the course (include £80 non refundable booking fee), balance is to be paid before 31st March 2019 Additional Discount (applicable to any booking band)


  • 5% off for BHQA, Deyin or Longfei Members;
  • or 10% off for returning qualified BHQA instructors - (please note that only instructors with up-to-date membership are eligible for this discount)

Cancellation & Refund:
Cancellation made by the participants must be in writing by emails or letters, and refund is based on the folowing system;

  • £80 booking fee (non refundable)
  • Deposit (minus booking fee) can be refunded before 31st Jan 2019 and non-refundable after.
  • 8 weeks prior to course - 75% of remaining fees
  • 4 weeks prior to course - 50% of remaining fees
  • 2 weeks prior to course - total fees are non-refundable
Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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