Heatlh Qigong Instructor Course 2018

Evening Welcome Baquet Set menu 24th & 28th 

All Participants please one item from each course in the menu below for one or both (based on the option of training you ahve signed up 

please email us back at connor@healthqigong.org.uk ASAP

24th – 27th May 2018 – Option A (One form to be chosen)

  • Yi Jin Jing (Muscle and Tendons Changing Classics)
  • Wu Qin Xi (Five Animal Frolics)

28th May – 31st May 2018 – Option B (One form to be chosen)

  • Ma Wang Dui Daoyin Shu (Ma Wang Dui Health Qigong)
  • Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang (Taiji Health Preservation Stick) 

Welcome to our 10th UK National Health Qigong Instructor Training Course 2018, This is our 10 anniversary on promotion of Health Qigong and its amazing health benefits to people of Uk and Europe. This year is going to be a fantastic year with world class Qigong gurus and creator of one of the routines, Professor Yu Ding Hai here to explore even deeper and more comprehensive on the physical and mental health benefits of the Health Qigong execises.

This year, as well as inviting one of the highly respected professors and compiling committee of the Health Qigong series, we will have a highly level visit by Professor Yu Ding Hai, one of the main creators of hte Health Qigong syestem, the main creator of the Wu Qin Xi (five animal frolics health qigong).

Professor Yu will conduct a number of detail lectures on the inner essence of Health Qigong and " Sport Prescription" of Health Qigong for various health conditions. 

Whilst compiling this programme, we were struck by the unique Physical & Psychological Health benefits and philosophical perspectives that our extraordinary system of Health Exercises encompass. The British Health Qigong Association will reflect, embrace and celebrate the unique opportunity and ability. We endeavor to offer a life changing method to enthusiasts in the UK and further afield..

We are proud to be the official Qigong instructor training centre recognised by the International Health Qigong Federation for the UK and Northern Ireland. Like previous courses, we are excited to have highly respected and knowledgeable professors delegation representing the Chinese Health Qigong Association travelling here from China and Gurus from British Health Qigong Association to share their knowledge, and we are equally pleased to offer a platform for more emerging voices.

The Instructor Courses will consist of lectures with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focus, workshops from a five element perspective, intensive Qigong sessions, practical demonstrations, discussion forums and much more. We are sure that you will find the programme as exciting as we do!

Our Instructor courses this year mark 8 years of the British Health Qigong Association. Having ignited the ever increasing popularity of Qigong for Health and Wellbeing the the UK and Europe, we now have over 100 highly qualified Qigong Instructors throughout the UK and Europe actively promoting this unique system to wider public. We welcome enthusiasts from all walks of life, all disciplines of Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and health exercises to join our national team in bring this fantastic health regime to people in all corners of the globe.

These exciting courses will be held at our National Training Centre in Telford, Shropshire, with excellent facilities that is fast becoming the home of Health Qigong in the UK.

In order to encourage and help enthusiasts to achieve this qualification, whether making their first or further steps in this profession, our course fees remain competitive and offer excellent value for money. We hope that more of you than ever will join us at what promises to be a stimulating training experience, full of learning, friendship, and happiness.

What will you learn:

Qigong Theories, Philosophy, Inner Essence, Health benefits, TCM Energy meridians and Channels related to the exercises as well as teaching skill. Knowledge few courses can provide!!!!

What will you gain:

  • You will be qualified to teach one of the most popular Qigong System available.
  • The confident that these valuable and practical knowledge will enhance your own wellbeing as well as that of your students/clients.

Who can Attend:

1. Tai Chi & Qigong Enthusiasts (minimum 2 years experience) with an interest in teaching Health Qigong

2. Tai Chi & Qigong Instructors of all styles and schools

3. Practitioners of other Health & Fitness exercises (Pilates, Yoga, Health practitioners and health workers from the NHS workers)

4. Tai Chi & Qigong Teachers, Instructor from any countries in Europe.

5. Tai Chi and Health Professionals wanting to add Qigong to their teaching portfolio

6. Martial Arts instructors of all disciplines and levels.

7. Exercise coaches or instructors are also welcome, you just need to have at least of two years of training or exercise background, are willing to work hard and learn.

Contact us for more information and we will discuss with you your circumstances in strict confidence.

Although this is an instructor course held within the UK, it is suitable for enthusiasts from all over Europe too. We have a good number of BHQA qualified instructors promoting this unique system in various parts of Europe and we welcome more European enthusiasts to join us and gain a qualification that is respected and acknowledged with the Health and Wellbeing community throughout Europe.

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Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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